We Run This. Ep 01- Meuller Park, Elephant Rock

  Today marks the beginning of a wonderful relationship, that of me with Adobe Premier Pro, and my new GoPro3. What a match made in heaven. As in all things, the beginning can… Continue reading

Yaa, I get it

I don’t believe it. Seriously. Complete, and utter, disbelief. “What don’t you believe?”, you say. I don’t believe that after all this time, sharing wonderful and entertaining content with you, my lovely readers,… Continue reading

Coconut hit me on the head…

  Just in case you were ever wondering what the chillest song written of all time was, now you know. Sit back, relax, and put on your head phones, cuz you are about… Continue reading

I’m Killin It

Lets be honest. I’m probably too old to be listening to music like this. But, can I tell you a little secret? You ready for it? No? Really??? ¬†Ok, ok….. I’ll tell you… Continue reading

Would you like a pancake?

Welcome back to TYI’s Eat Out Friday. I know it’s been a while, which you can thank my super lame co-workers for. I had all but given up on EOF, because all anyone… Continue reading

Welcome To The HEIST.

It’s been a while since we posted last, and what better way to get back into the swing of things than by featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis‘ new music video. I have been… Continue reading

My Mathematical Mind Can See The Breaks

I was actually introduced to this song, My Mathematical Mind by Spoon, from the movie Stranger Than Fiction. On a side note, that movie is fantastic, and you should check it out. I… Continue reading

Holy French!!

Why hello there. Welcome back to The Yaggi Initiative. For TYI’s Song Of The Day, you are getting a double bonus. Not only are you getting a super sick song, from M83 (outro),… Continue reading

I Have 5 Clocks In My Life, And Only One Has The Time Right

  Today, you get a Song Of The Day, AND an Eat Out Friday (coming later). Your welcome. Todays song comes from one of my favorite groups, Matt & Kim. Called Daylight. That’s… Continue reading

Gimme That Philly.

  Welcome back, EOFers. After a couple of weeks vacation, Eat Out Friday has returned. Todays destination, Nates East Coast Grill.     Located on Washington Blvd. and Patterson St., Nates is a… Continue reading