Gimme That Philly.



Welcome back, EOFers. After a couple of weeks vacation, Eat Out Friday has returned. Todays destination, Nates East Coast Grill.




Located on Washington Blvd. and Patterson St., Nates is a nice and cozy sandwich shop, with the feature menu item being their Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. And can I just say,it’s the best Philly I’ve had in Ogden so far.





The portion isn’t huge, and it’s about 2 dollars more than I would like to spend on a lunch, but it is definitely tasty, that is for sure. The folks that run the place are super friendly as well. If you get a chance, I give it a Pretty Good on my personal rating scale. Check them out, and show some love.

Till next time, thanks for reading, and enjoy your eating. (I know, super cheesy tagline, but I’m working on it).