Would you like a pancake?


Welcome back to TYI’s Eat Out Friday. I know it’s been a while, which you can thank my super lame co-workers for. I had all but given up on EOF, because all anyone ever wanted to do was go to Wendy’s or the mall. Bleh. But after some encouragement from a few different folks, I have decided to revive EOF. Now I am just going to have to look a little harder for people to come to eat out with, rather than lame co-workers, which was the original intent.


Today, you get to discover Criddle’s Cafe. Located behind the Maceys on Washington Blvd, Criddle’s is a pure gem. You would never even know it existed, because this is one place you actually have to go find. But once your there, you are in breakfast heaven. It’s got the classic hole-in-the-wall feel, combined with amazing breakfast. They are well known for their Sweet Roles, as well as Scones. I didn’t quite have the appetite for those two while I was there, so I got the breakfast skillet and pancakes. Can you say Freaking Huge Pancake.




Anyway, if you get a chance, I highly recommend Criddle’s for breakfast. Till next time, peace out yo.