This doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then one artist will come along that completely changes everything. Mark it down right here, this is THAT artist. The ILLZ has got to… Continue reading

SOTD: Swelly Style pt. 2

“So we pretty much amazing”…. I am seriously in love with this new song off Chiddy’s new album, Breakfast. The video hasn’t come out yet, but here is a live performance. My only… Continue reading

Trade Paul Millsap? Are you serious?

Lately I’ve heard some rumblings in the sports world that are quite upsetting. I’ve been hearing that the Jazz should package Paul Millsap and a pick or Devin Harris in a trade deal. … Continue reading

Junk Science = SOTD

Introducing Junk Science. The video is a little different, but the song is still legit. Enjoy. For an added bonus, here is the remix to this song, (I actually like the remix a… Continue reading


(song of the day) In celebration of the upcoming weekend, I think it is only appropriate to start TGIF with a little Chiddy Bang.  Comprising of Chiddy & Xaphoon Jones, this duo is… Continue reading

Because it felt like a Monday today.

I woke up this morning feeling down. Don’t know why, just did.  So, to help combat the “Thursday feels like a Monday Blues”, I decided to share some very funny clips from Seinfeld. … Continue reading

I can’t believe that my lime tree is dead.

Words cannot express how much this song calms me.  I can be having the worst day imaginable, but if I sit down and listen to this song, everything is just fine.  All I… Continue reading

I’m Back!!!!!!

So, by some wonderful change in company settings, I am now able to log back into wordpress.  I know, I know, I could be doing this from home. Don’t judge. ha ha. In… Continue reading

It’s 90’s.

We’re going back.  Way back. Back to the days when what we’re wearing now was hot.  This video was classic.  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.  For those of you who don’t… Continue reading

Don’t Call It A Comeback….

Don’t call it a comeback I been here for years Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon Listen to the bass go BOOM Here’s… Continue reading