EOF. Steiny’s Style


What’s up EOFers? Welcome back to the TYI’s Eat Out Friday. Today, I am super excited about the restaurant we are featuring. It might not look like much from the above pic, but “Steiny’s Family Sports Grill” is EXACTLY why I started this EOF blog in the first place.

Today’s EOF actually started out terrible. I couldn’t get anyone to go out with me today. They were all either leaving early or had brought lunch. Lame, I know. So, being set on getting out of the office for a little bit, (and not having brought my gym clothes), I decided to go do some recon on a few restaurants on my list. There were a few that I wasn’t sure if they existed or not, so I wanted to get out and do some super sleuthing. And I’m freaking glad I did.

Steiny’s was on my list, and I wasn’t sure if it existed or not. As I drove out to find the place, I was beginning to think that it had gone out of business or something. But, lo and behold, it actually exists. Located in the middle of the industrial complex out towards Harrisville and the Weber County Fairgrounds (119 North 600 West, Bldg 3), Steiny’s is very real.


With a total of ELEVEN flat screen TV’s, Steiny’s is every hole-in-the-wall diners dream. The menu is chuck full with great guy food, as well as some pretty impressive looking salads for the ladies. I ordered the Stein Stein Burger, and can I just tell you, it’s one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time.



Complete with a game room with a pool table, this place is a must go! They will cater and deliver food for you, or host your group on site. The price is very reasonable, and the service is awesome. I came in after the lunch rush, and there were only a handful of people eating. But everyone that came in, the owner behind the bar, as well as the waitress, greeted them by name, and came and said hi and chatted. For a hole-in-the-wall place like this, it has a very friendly family-type atmosphere. If you want to try a new place, I give Steiny’s my full endorsement, with a Holy Balls rating. Check out their site and like them on Facebook.

Until next Friday, thanks for reading, and enjoy your eating.