Eat Out Friday, Thursday style


For old-time Ogdeners (is that a word?), the Union Station Grill is probably nothing new, they’ve known about it forever. But for newbies like myself, discovering this restaraunt is exactly why I do Eat Out Fridays. I had heard from a couple of people that I should try it out, but hadn’t taken the chance until now. Located in the old Union Railroad Station, the Union Station Grill is a must go. With a fantastic atmosphere, awesome service, reasonable prices, and excellent food, “The Union” (as I now so lovingly refer to it) receives a “Holy Balls” on my personal scale. The only negative from my experience would be that we were in a back room, which was a little dark, so my pictures didn’t come out very well. Other than that, you need to go here, ASAP!!! I highly recommend getting the Philly Cheesesteak. mmmmmm.

Until next time, thanks for reading, and enjoy your eating. Peace.


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