End Of Days EOF

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So, if you are reading this post, that means two things.

1) It’s Eat Out Friday.  And 2) The Mayans were wrong. Yay for both!!!

I was so excited for this friday’s EOF, specifically because it was going to be the “End Of Days” edition. I had it all figured out. I didn’t even need any help in figuring out where to eat, having already planned on picking number 21 from my list, (in honor of it being December 21st and the End Of Days). Makes sense right? I know.

Lo and behold, when I went to get ready for lunch today, and checked my list, it was Boccia’s Pizza and Bistro, on Washington and 10th. I was excited for a little “End-‘O-Days” pizza for sure. As I expressed my joy, it was made known to me by my good friend Kurtis Koch, that Boccia’s didn’t even exist any more. It had been shut down. HA. How appropriate, that on the biggest “no-show” day of all time, that my restaurant was also a “no-show”.

I started asking my co-workers for another number, when I suddenly found myself being peer pressured into going to their own pick. After all, it really only makes sense that after all the hype for the “Mayan End Of Days Eat Out Friday”, that we end up going to…….freaking Chick-fil-a.


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And not any just Chik-fil-a. No. We had to go the Chik-fil-a in the food court at the mall. As they all stuffed their faces (literally, ha ha, not the best shot of Adam), I went to the next food spot over, appropriately named Teazers. I was able to order myself a nice Bacon and Swiss gourmet burger, along with some pretty decent french fries. Over all, it wasn’t half bad, considering it was coming from a food court. Just goes to show, sometimes, that some big events just don’t live up to the hype.

Until next time. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your eating. Peace.