The “Ketchup” EOF



Seeing as how EOF (Eat Out Friday) has existed for a while, and I have only now just started to write about my many varied experiences, I have decided to play “Ketchup” (see what I did there) and provide a summary of where we’ve been lately. Here we go…

First up we have Big Jim’s Burgers.


Located in Ogden, on Harrison Blvd and about 35th S., Big Jim’s does not disappoint. Being eerily similar to “Crown Burger”, this restaurant comes complete with authentic looking Indian decor, Orange Fanta sold by the bottle, and a “Barry-White-Soundalike” working the front mic. Add to that the fact you can get an amazingly delicious pastrami burger, as well as tasty big fat french fries, and this place is a must go. I give it a “Holy-Balls” on my personal rating scale. Your price range is $5-$8 which is also a bonus. Don’t miss out on Big Jim’s if your in the mood for a great burger.

Up next, Dicky’s BBQ.


I usually try not to add a chain restaurant into my EOF rotation, but I have a soft spot in my heart for all things BBQ, so they got a nod. You can find them pretty easily, but the one we went to was in Ogden on 12th street. If you are in the mood for authentic, day long cooked, smokey BBQ, then Dicky’s is not for you. If, however, you have a hankering for cheap and fast BBQ, with a semi authentic western atmosphere, then this is where you want to be. The portions aren’t huge, but you do get a couple of sides to go with your meat. I will say that I really liked the waffle fries. Dicky’s gets a “Pretty Good” on my personal rating scale. Your price range is about $7-$15, depending on what you get. Go eat, but don’t expect to be wowed.

That just about does it for this round of EOF. There are a few more I would like to “Ketchup” on, so look for those in the future. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your eating. Peace.