What Is Eat-Out-Friday?


You may or may not be asking yourself one of two questions right now. 1) Where in the freak did you get a sandwich that big? and 2) What in the freak is Eat-Out-Friday?

These are both fantastic questions. I am afraid that I must answer #2 before I can answer #1.  Eat-Out-Friday originated back in 2010. I was at the time working in Salt Lake City for a company called USANA Health Sciences (awesome company btw). One of the great things about working at USANA was that they had an on-site café, complete with a salad bar and other natural goodies. It was the ultimate healthy and cheap lunch. But as we all know, you can only eat healthy so often before you get an unyielding craving for something tasty. Tasty and Unhealthy. And so began Eat-Out-Friday.

We would try and be good Mon-Thu, but when Friday came around we went all out. Which was great because we were in the middle of the Hole-In-The-Wall-Restaraunt capitol of the US. Salt Lake City. If you have ever been to or spent time in the great salt lake area, then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. You could literally eat out at a different restaurant for every meal, every day of the year, and you would not run out of new places to eat. It’s like the food gods looked down from Mount Olympus (which was probably made of chocolate and bacon), and decided to let all food flow from Salt Lake.

So we went out, every Friday, for food. And we found some fantastic and greasy places. Which leads us to the picture above. That is what we so lovingly referred to as “Eating a Baby”.  You could get one of those bad boys at Town & County Market.

Well, as time has passed, I have since moved on from Salt Lake and USANA, and now work and live in the Ogden area. Although not as big and diverse as SLC, Ogden still has quite a few great restaurants. And that brings us to right now. I have been in search for the greatest places to eat in Ogden. I even went so far as to make a spread sheet of all the restaurants I could find in the area, and assigned them all a random number. So now, every friday, instead of asking a billion people where to eat, and then just ending up going to McDonalds (yuck), all I have to do is ask someone to give me a number between 1 and (currently) 75. They give me the number, and I go. I would eat, and take a picture of whatever it was that I got. I would also give a review. My rating system is as follows: 1 Star=Puke, 2-Stars=Meh, 3 Stars=Pretty Good, 4-Stars=Holy Balls!!.

Now you are all caught up on what Eat Out Friday is all about. So tune in each friday to see where we go, and to see what we get. And most importantly, to see what rating we give the place. This should be a lot of fun, and hopefully I don’t get too fat. Feel free to let me know of any places that you love to go, and what your favorite dish is. I am hoping to get some guest posts from my Salt Lake EOF crew as well. Happy Eats!