Trade Paul Millsap? Are you serious?

Lately I’ve heard some rumblings in the sports world that are quite upsetting. I’ve been hearing that the Jazz should package Paul Millsap and a pick or Devin Harris in a trade deal.  To those of you who a) want this to happen, or b) are dumb enough to think the Jazz organization, famously tight-lipped, would leak any kind of a peep about a deal like this, I’ve got 3 words for you.  You. Are. Dumb. If by some crazy scenario the Jazz do end up trading Paul Millsap, they will in fact be trading away the only thing left of the heart and soul of the team. I’ve heard the argument that he is too small to play his position effectively in this league.  To those of you who believe this, I give you exhibit A. Enjoy

Exhibit A


I am completely clueless and excited all at the same time about the Jazz picks tomorrow. Here’s to hoping KOC comes through in the clutch for us. GO JAZZ!