Mondays Suck.

Hey everyone.  Welcome back to work.  Aren’t Mondays splendid.  I just love them so much.  I almost just wish we would skip Saturday & Sunday and just go straight to Monday.  Cause Mondays are awesome.  Wait!!! Before you think to yourself, “this guy is an idiot” and click on another site, keep reading. The reason they are so awesome is because they suck. They suck so much that you play around on the computer trying to make it not suck.  And that’s when you find my Mondays Suck post.  That’s when Mondays become awesome.  And the best part about my Mondays Suck post, is the hilarity you will find within.   Such as this video clip from Zoolander.  Only one of the funniest movies of all time.  It is what makes Mondays Sucking Awesome!!!