A day in the life of my Bunny. Part 2

(continued from last week, to see segment 1 click on the category “Thursday is my Pet Bunnies’ favorite day of the week”)

(continued from last week, to see segment 1 click on the category “Thursday is my Pet Bunnies’ favorite day of the week”) I guess I should start from the beginning.,  or at least as far back as I can remember.  (Don’t worry, It’s not very far.)  My name is Agnus.  I was actually named for my great-great-grandma.  She was a star in the local petting zoo, and enjoyed quite a bit of notoriety and publicity back in her day.  A local celebrity if you will.  She even made the front page of the local newspaper.  The headline read “Cutest Bunny in the West.”  I know, I know.  Pretty sweet.  And I must admit that the looks passed right on down to myself. But I digress.  Like I said earlier, my name is Agnus.  All my old friends, back when I had them, used to call me Aggie.  And now, sadly, I get called Buggsy by my owners, Gustavo & Jasmine. (I actually don’t know their names, but that’s what I call them).  Lame, I know.  It’s like I’ve never been called Buggsy, or Bugs, or some sort of variation before.  I tell you what, those freaking Warner Brothers totally screwed us all over with that whole Buggs Bunny crap.  I get so worked up when I think about it, it just makes me, urggg….. deep breaths.  Inhale, and slowly exhale.  Ahhhh, that’s better.  So where was I.  Oh yes, the beginning.  I actually don’t remember a whole lot about my past.  The only reason I remember where I got my name is because my mom used to tell me the same story every night. She wasn’t to cute herself.  She was actually really ugly.  So I think she liked to live through my grandmas stories, and would tell me all the time how cute my grandma used to be, and how I would be just the same.  I remember growing up on a farm in some metal cages, I remember the stories, and I remember a farmer.  But that’s about it.  Selective amnesia I guess you could say.  All I know is I woke up one day in a Veterinarian clinic, and that’s when it all started to go sideways. (stay tuned to see what happens to Buggsy next week.)