Mondays Suck.

“Good morning Gill…….I said, good morning Gill.”  Welcome back to work everyone.  As you slowly roll out of bed, rubbing the crust out of your eyes, and make your way to work this morning, the same thought goes through your head that is probably being echoed in millions of minds every Monday morning…”I wish it was still the weekend.  Mondays Suck.”  And as you get to work, and are trying to get motivated to make it through another week, you’ll probably find yourself going through your emails, or checking your facebook, or something  lame like actually working.  And so for all of you who still find yourself wanting more than what you’ve been given, I give you the weekly “Mondays Suck” post, dedicated to wake you up and get you laughing and ready for another week.  Below is a rather hilarious video clip, (your probably only going to like this one if your from, ever been to, or know anything about Utah. sorry. 🙂  )  You can do it.  Enjoy.